Q: What's the price difference between a new kitchen and a makeover?

A: A makeover is approximately 60% of the cost of a new kitchen but you will also save by not having to replace flooring if you don’t want to. Also sub trades such as plumbing and electrical should be cheaper.

Q:Can we take the cabinets to the ceiling?

A: Yes we can take the cabinets to the ceiling with a combination of extending the cabinetry and pelmet.

Q:Can we change cupboards to drawers?

A:Yes in most cases.

Q:Can we take the upstand and servery off our bench and run the bench through to create a breakfast bar?

A: Yes in most cases.

Q:Can we swap a freestanding oven to an under bench oven and hob?

A:Yes in most cases.

Q:How long will the installation take?

A:We normally allow two days if its cabinetry only and an extra day if there is a bench top. If there is no change in the shape of the kitchen we will usually do it in three consecutive days. If it’s a stone benchtop and the kitchen shape has changed there will be a delay between template and install.